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Coco Rocha – « Face of Inspiration »

Coco Rocha proved all modern women can successfully build a career, be a happy and can radiate happiness and energy.

The luxury brand Coco Rocha has no relation with Coco Chanel. From the cradle the mother of the girl, nee Mikhaila, began to call her Coco, which means « little one. » For the unusual beauty of the Canadian supermodel accounts the Ukrainian and Irish blood flowing in her veins.


She had never thought of modelling, but one day the agent Charles Stuart noticed her at a dance contest. But even plunged into the world of high fashion, Coco remains true to herself and adheres to strict moral principles. She is against anorexic models, refuses to pose nude or with a cigarette in her hand. Most of her time she dedicates to charity.


Within a few years after the start of her career Rocha was on the cover of Vogue Italy, and in the backstage of a runway, Naomi Campbell confessed to her she likes the débutante’s walk, and now she is a favorite of hers. Coco showed the most fashionable clothes designers and posed for the top glossy magazines. The American Vogue once said that until Coco came, « modelling missed real supermodels. » Coco posed to the best photographers of the high fashion world.


Coco proved all modern women that you can successfully build a career and be a happy woman who literally radiates happiness and energy. This year, Roberto Bravo proudly announce that Coco Rocha will present the Roberto Bravo inspiration project jewellery house.




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