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Angela Plummer, the Creative Genius

Angela M Plummer is an International Multi Award Winning Hair Stylist and a TROPICS VOICES ' Ambassador whose creativity knows no boundaries.

Following on from my introduction I would like to share a bit more about me who I am the HAIR ARTISTE “Angela Plummer” 

I grew up in North London and started braiding my own hair at the tender age of ten, as a result of the painful experience of a typical West Indian ritual: which consisted of weekly braiding or even worse biweekly torture of washing and braiding the Afro Kinky locks of my hair.

One day after this weekly ritual I declared to my Mum “this is the last time you are braiding my hair” and so from that day forth every two weeks I braided my own hair. Over the years I developed a very distinctive style of braiding.

You all may be saying but we know this already!!! Yes you do but the reason for the painful experience was my Mum became ill and could no longer take care of our hair needs correctly why I started braiding etc. my own hair. To be honest at the time I hated the fact that I was doing my own hair as it was taking away my passion for fashion.


« I come from a Family of Fashion Designers, seamstress and chefs so only natural I wanted to become a Fashion Designer for as long as I can remember. » – Angela Plummer 


Every day after school, I would run home jump on the sewing machine to make something fashionable OR SO I THOUGHT, if I wasn’t sewing I was knitting anything to do with Fashion that was me. My Mum would always say to me


Maybe that’s why I never got married (laughing so hard right now).


In due course I discovered I was somewhat good at styling hair and started to enjoy what I was doing. In time I fell in love with HAIR natural hair to be exact, I started braiding / twisting friends and family hair as a hobby.


After leaving college I started working full time but not as a hair stylist as a sales assistant for different companies while still doing hair part time as a hobby, during this time I had a baby boy named Remel as I became a Mother I stopped doing hair to look after my Son, When my Son was 10 I started doing hair again still only as a hobby.

Not sure when it happened I noticed the years going by fast and before I realized I was heading to my early 30s and still working as a sales assistant. One day while at work and hating every bit of it I heard a song on the radio, after hearing that song I handed in two weeks’ notice and left my job after 8 years to presume my love of hair. At this time I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision or even knew where or how to start this new charter in my life.


« THEN IT HIT ME I was going to be a Men’s only hair stylist… » – Angela Plummer


I brought a comb and heading down to East London, not sure why East as I lived in North. I decided not to approach the hair salon but the barber shops to see if they needed someone to braid / twist the Men’s hair as I was trying to start up my business as a Men’s only hair stylist and I only had a comb to start with.

Three months into working at the barber’s I had some of the hair styles featured in a UK hair magazine.


If anybody had told me that from one magazine feature my career would have taken off the way it did, I would have called them a liar? From that one Magazine feature I styled the hair of well known RnB singer and Comedian.


After about a year my work was being featured a regularly in hair Magazine and I started to get calls from one Lady, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. So after 3 months of constant phone calls from her, I decided to take her on as a client, turned out she was working behind the scenes in TV. Not long I started doing hair for actors who had parts in FAMILY AFFAIRS, EASTENDERS etc. This Lady is now been my best friend; through thick and thin, she has always been by my side… LOVE HER TO BITS!

So now my business included WOMEN! I felt the barber shop wasn’t the right place for me to have my female clients. So I left the barber’s and started working part time in a hair salon also in East London.

During this time I wanted to open my own Salon. After a few years I had managed to save the start-up costs that I needed to open my own salon. I soon discovered that running my own salon full time wasn’t for me as I wasn’t able to express myself how I wanted to, so after 3 years, I closed my salon and became a freelancer full time.


Our Mum is still here with us and has just celebrated her 75th Birthday.


(To be continued)…



Written by #TropicsVoices Ambassador Angela Plummer. Courtesy of TROPICS MAGAZINE.



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