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Tropics Magazine Relaunches Website

Experiment the tropical side of life

Framing the relaunch of Tropics Magazine, Chief Editor Vénicia Guinot hits some familiar notes. The new website, crafted with the help of the TROPICS MEDIA GROUP creative department, is designed to be more responsive on the web and look especially good on a smartphone. 

Since Tropics Magazine is the first bilingual digital and print magazine for the cosmopolitan community, the new website offers a complete new and trendy feel and super fresh look. As the team gets ready to unveil their BIG 60th issue, the Tropics Magazine readers get rewarded for their unconditional support with a brand new online experience. The homepage features Beauty, Fashion, People, Culture, Lifestyle and Business sections which will be publishing creative contents for our global audience in both the English and French languages.

In just 6 years, Tropics Magazine became the fastest growing digital turned print international fashion and lifestyle magazine with 700,000+ unique ISP readers worldwide. The TROPICS MEDIA GROUP launched this independent publication back in March 2010, and its success has been immediate and consistent through the years! With its innovative concept, TROPICS is quickly becoming the popular online/print global fashion and lifestyle magazine reflecting the needs of fashionistas, business people and trendsetters.


Tropics Magazine - Website Relaunch


Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Vénicia Guinot says,
“We had high expectations for the Tropics Magazine brand, and so far we have been overwhelmed by just how popular and efficient Tropics Magazine has become. Even the demand for our 59 back issues is unprecedented. As we continue to grow in popularity and excellence, we promise to « Keep Paving The Way Forward ». We owe this huge success to our esteemed readers who flock on our pages every day and we feel that this is just the beginning. No matter where you come from, you can be super proud to be a part of this grandiose Tropics Magazine family.”


A note to the newcomers, we are a monthly magazine published publication that successfully meets the needs of a diverse audience around the world, joining us from Africa, Europe, America, Asia and now Australia. Tropics Magazine is both a digital and print publication, and our multicultural audience accesses our issues just by clicking the monthly links we release to enjoy the full issue from our various social networking pages, or on our official web pages.


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