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8 Best Statement Lip Cosmetics

New beauty trends to try

An upgraded wardrobe would be great, and a new haircut would be fun, but we’re making a case for switching up something as little as your lip stick this spring. Color trends like bright red, unapologetic fuchsia, and concentrated violet were all over the runways, and now they should be all over your face. Well, not all over, but you know what I mean.

According to Marissa Dessantis, there’s something so appealing and youthful about flushed cheeks and rosy lip. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perpetual glow and just-bitten-looking lips. The good news is makeup companies have done their best to give us what nature should have through the ingenious invention of lip and cheek stains.

That said, while some of these products have forever earned a place in our reader’s makeup bags, others have wound up in their trash bins.


1. Benefit Posietint, $30
Why it’s great: “My favorite lip stain ever,” says one reviewer, adding, “This stain is the only one I have ever found that stays in place without migrating throughout the day. It gives such a gorgeous color to cheeks and lips and lasts for ages — especially on the lips.” In fact, many reviewers prefer this stain to the original Benefit Benetint. “This is … easier to apply with its brush than the other,” one reader writes.


2. Brown Pot Rouge for Lip and Cheeks, $26
Why it’s great: “This is the one thing that never gets taken out of my purse,” says one enthusiastic user. Other readers agree, saying this stain is “soft, “natural-looking,” and “versatile.” Another user says, “It gives a nice flush to the cheeks, looks natural and [will] last forever.”


3. Vincent Longo Lip and Cheek Gel Stain, $22.50
Why it’s great: “I cannot live without this in my bag!” says one reviewer. Other users can’t stop raving about its great application. “It lasts and lasts, and you can reapply if needed. Works perfectly on cheeks, too,” one reader says, adding, “If I could have only one product forever, this [would be] the one!”


4. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Lip, $8.99
Why it’s great: Readers love these balms because they’re “so affordable” and “there are so many color choices.” One reader says this “super-smooth,” “buttery” balm is her go-to product. Readers also love that the balms are “super pigmented,” and don’t dry out lips. Plus, they have a fresh, minty scent.



5. Korres Lip Butter, $12
Why it’s great: This moisturizing lip balm is “completely wearable and flattering for women of all complexions,” one reader insists. “They provide a nice pop of color and soothe my super chapped lips almost instantly,” another raves. TotalBeauty.com reviewers say that the product “melts into lips” and is “super hydrating.”


6. Tarte Natural Cheek Stain, $30

Why it’s great: This cheek stain is a “can’t-miss” product, according to reviewers. One user says it “glides on easily over any foundation, blends in like a dream and provides a dewier look than powder blushers.” Several users cite the shades Tipsy and Blushing Bride as “must-haves.” If the price makes you flush, consider this product an investment: Many reviewers say that this product “lasts forever.”


7. Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint Lip, $9
Why it’s great: “Just a light quick swipe, blend and go,” says one fan of this easy-to-use stain. Many readers agree that the application is a breeze and leaves cheeks looking “natural and slightly flushed.” One reader calls it “the perfect pick-me-up blush.”


8. Pixi Lip Blush, $18
Why it’s great: “This is the lip stain to grab,” says one satisfied reader. Other users agree. They say the product goes on “silky smooth,” and once applied there’s “no bleeding or fading.” The pen applicator makes application “easy” and “precise.” Another user says, “It’s a nice splurge for your beauty stash, and … it beats any other lip stain I’ve tried.”



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