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Meeting #TropicsVoices Ambassador Christian NGAN

Founder of Madlyn Cazalis Group

Meeting #TropicsVoices Ambassador Christian NGAN

Christian Ngan is the Founder and CEO of Madlyn Cazalis Group, a Cameroonian cosmetic company, with finance, design, marketing, supply chain, controlling, distribution, human resources and customer’s relationship assignments. Madlyn Cazalis was founded to prevent young Africans from dangers of bleaching their skins, by encouraging natural well-adapted products. Now, the company has 20 references, more than 50 distributors and 100 ambassadors in Africa.

Madlyn Cazalis’ main goal is to launch various investment projects in Africa, to raise consciousness, and make Africans proud of their identity by creating quality-African-owned products.


« I started the company with only $2.500 and only 3 years after its creation, African Leadership Network Foundation purchased 5% equity stake of the company with a valuation of a half-million dollar. » – Christian NGAN


Meeting #TropicsVoices Ambassador Christian NGAN

Meeting #TropicsVoices Ambassador Christian NGAN

Prior being an entrepreneur and developing Madlyn Cazalis’ brand in 2012, Mr. Ngan worked as an Associate at Findercod, an Investment Banking firm in Paris where he dedicated to the Long Term Financing and Private Equity areas. In 2010 he worked within the Corporate Finance division of Quilvest Group, a Family Office and Private Equity fund with $30 billion assets under management. Mr. Ngan worked essentially on mergers, acquisitions and fundraising assignments in numerous sectors such as Consumer Goods, Energy Cleantech, Technology, Media, Telecom, Financial Services and Luxury. He previously worked at Société Générale Credit and Investment Banking in Paris as a Leveraged Buy Out Analyst and for the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in Cameroon as an Economic Research Assistant.

Mr. Ngan holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon Business School, a Master’s degree in International Affairs, a Master’s degree in Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from La Sorbonne, a degree in Economics from University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, a Certificate from French Trade Advisors and a Honorary Diploma delivered by Catholic University of Central Africa to Madlyn Cazalis for promoting youth business initiatives in Africa. He is skilled in company valuation, financial modeling, marketing, strategic planning, coaching and design. He is also an international keynote speaker and participated to TEDxAkwa, the first TED Talk in a French-Speaking African country.

In 2014, he was invited to Libreville by His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon, to discuss on social and economic issues. He was also speaker at the Islamic Development Bank 40th Anniversary in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He received numerous awards and nominations from major institutions such as CEO Magazine for “Titans Building Nations” and CNBC Africa for “West Africa Best Young Leader of the Year”. He is the Cameroon “Get in the Ring Investment Battle” 2014 Winner. Christian was also listed twice by Forbes as one of the « 30 Most promising entrepreneur in Africa » in 2014 and 2015, listed by Young People in International Affairs as in the “Top 35 Africans under 35 in 2014” and among the Top 100 Africa Economic Leaders for Tomorrow by Choiseul Institute in France. Mr. was also temporary lecturer at ISCOM (Communication School) and ESG (Business School) in Paris.




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