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« No Self-Limiting By Choice » by Melanie Jones

Exploring the power of "No"

Whether you are already ingrained and fully functional within a business or are just blossoming with entrepreneurial spirit, you will have been used to hearing and saying the word ‘NO’ on countless occasions.  What my journey through the evolution of my business has taught me; from the seed of an idea through to the explosion of creation, is that ‘NO”, is a word that I have come to love.  The mere occurrence of this word in any dialogue represents for me, an opportunity to evolve from a point of discomfort, to a state of success – the tapering aspects here are perception & attitude.

What I would encourage you all to do, is embrace the word ‘NO’ and see it’s potential for opportunity rather than a negativity for limitation.  Interestingly enough, the Oxford dictionary’s definition of the word ‘NO’ is  “a negative used to express dissent, denial, or refusal, as in response to a question or request” – The game changers…the ones who are successful in business, the ones who push through each and every challenge to reach that point of success, are the ones who perceive this word ‘NO’with ambivalence. They are the ones who choose not to allow an emotional reaction to the word ‘NO’to determine or influence the success of a sought-for outcome.


« No Self-Limiting By Choice » by Melanie Jones

« No Self-Limiting By Choice » by Melanie Jones


This paradigm shift of choice is where the beauty of all this potential lies. When you are going into business you are faced with two choices:  be presented with the journey’s challenges and succumb to the weight of what appears impossible, OR embrace these pitfalls and be energised by the potential presented in actually surmounting them.


« A ‘NO’ comes with pain your feelings get a little hurt but more importantly it comes with opportunity. It offers the opportunity to grow, learn, tweak your proposition, learn to distinguish what people you can/want/need to work with. The no forces you to self-reflect, self-analyze, hone your problem solving skills it forces you to invent, innovate. In the end a no brings you not only closer to a yes or more yes’ but also helps you grow as a human being and hones your business skills. » – Melanie Jones


Some of the most successful business people have time and time evolved and re-invented themselves and more often than not their business have reflected this in either their products, their services, their results or all of the above.


My lessons since embracing the word no in taking and giving it:

  • It enables to work on projects and with clients that you really enjoy.
  • It is a grate tool to manage time, expectations and sets necessary boundaries.
  • It allows you to align your business in a way that is conducive to increasing your profits by focusing on getting that yes from better paying clients.
  • Your clients benefit from your professional honesty in terms of revenue, opportunities professional and personal growth
  • You are giving yourself a chance at a better work-life-balance and isn’t that often part of your motivation to start your business to begin with?



Written by #TropicsVoices Ambassador Melanie Jones. Courtesy of TROPICS MAGAZINE.



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