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Digital African WOMAN – DAW (21-22 Sept.2016)

Supporting female led tech startups

Digital African WOMAN - DAW

Brussels, 1st September 2016 (TROPICS MEDIA GROUP) – From now onwards, TROPICS MAGAZINE is an official media partner for the Digital African WOMAN – DAW 2016, which is an initiative focusing on accelerating and empowering female-led African and Diaspora tech startups through specialized skills & training.

Digital African Woman (#DAW) is a program designed to run yearly in different countries globally empowering female-led tech startups, through specialized business training, acceleration, networks, and access to funding.

Digital African WOMAN - DAW (21-22 Sept2016)

Digital African WOMAN – DAW (21-22 Sept2016)

“The Digital African Woman” is an initiative designed under the Digital Global Woman – which is a program dedicated to supporting and developing female led tech startups across Africa and the Diaspora (the Diaspora covering all women who live outside of their countries of origin).

“The Digital African Woman” aims to introduce and create an atmosphere where women of Africa, diaspora and beyond can learn, engage and become empowered to participate more actively within their respective societies. This program addresses issues ranging from tech career and entrepreneurship, to self-esteem, and gender equality.

“We aim to not only create an atmosphere that promotes eventual growth and empowerment, but also seek to draw out already accomplished women in Diaspora to give support and insights that will grow the community of women in tech and entrepreneurship; while developing an active ecosystem with excellent networks to provide a push for other women on jump starting a tech career or business move.”


As the organizers believe that the road to present and future economic empowerment for women lies in complete access to entrepreneurship and technology, the program is developed based on a strong foundation for the African female led tech startup environment. The organization supports these startups as well as the general public with the addition of our workshop program which includes a pitch training boot camp and pitch challenge.

#DAW2016 will launch in Brussels, Belgium, with free online business training for selected female led startups from June -Sept, and culminate in a 2 day event on September 21-22nd 2016. #DAW provides the opportunity for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to learn, engage and develop their entrepreneurship skills with immersive training while maximizing the power and use of technology.

The event bridges the gap between investors, corporates and these promising tech startups, by:

  1. Providing access to funding, specialized training, and Acceleration.
  2. Providing an ecosystem supported by our top network partners.
  3. Providing world-class training, business mentoring on ideation, team development and value propositioning through our top MIT master trainer and developers.
  4. Providing personalized development opportunities to our top 10 selected teams of excellent entrepreneurs globally through our Startup boot camp, pitch challenge and Accelerator.
  5. We also provide ongoing business development training including access to mobile technologies and enterprise technology through our EAMI Global mentorship platform & tech sponsor networks.




The Digital African WOMAN – DAW vision is an ecosystem where the African and Diaspora Tech and Entrepreneurship startup environment is powered by connection, innovation, and access to networks, specialized skills and investment. With young promising female leaders at the forefront.

As media partner for the Digital African WOMAN – DAW, TROPICS MAGAZINE will follow the progress of the international digital startups in their progress through the #DAW2016.


For more information, please visit the Digital African WOMAN – DAW official website: http://www.digitalafricanwoman.org/



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