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‘Tropics Magazine’ To Make Newsstands Debut

Issue #60 debuts with a bang

'Tropics Magazine' To Make Newsstands Debut in Congo-Brazzaville
The official release of the 60th issue of TROPICS Magazine marks a pivotal point in the print publication’s evolution: In few weeks-time, the publication will debut on newsstands in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo as the first global bilingual title ever to cater to a cosmopolitan readership.
JOHANNESBURG, September 2, 2016 /TROPICS MEDIA GROUP/ — As those of you who already subscribe to our digital edition know, the online version of Tropics Magazine looks exactly as it does in its print format but has a clear advantage of being searchable and interactive on the web and mobile already. You can flip through the archive of past issues to read about the latest trends and innovations with no hassle. And when you want to escape the digital world and the computer screen, you can still order your print copy for reading the old-fashioned way. Tropics Magazine, the first bilingual Fashion and Lifestyle magazine published by the TROPICS MEDIA GROUP (Pty) Ltd. and to be distributed by CREB MULTIMEDIA (Pty) Ltd. in selected parts of Africa, is set to debut on newsstands with new features and a fresh look.
« TROPICS Magazine has evolved from a digital to print-on-demand publication, and now swiftly moving into 100% print format to meet the needs of its global readership, starting with is readers in central Africa, and most importantly in Africa and most importantly in the Republic of Congo, » said nicia Stelle Guinot, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of TROPICS Magazine. « This is one of the milestones that we have all been waiting to witness and we hope our readers will get to appreciate this great leap of faith we are about to take and, most importantly, they will welcome their publication on newsstands with open arms. »
TROPICS Magazine was launched six years ago (March 2010) in Johannesburg, South Africa with two very distinct goals in mind – to celebrate cultural diversity on a global scale and to bring more value to our readers. And, this vision still drives us today.
TROPICS MAGAZINE • #60 with Daniele Sassou Nguesso x Harry Roselmack

TROPICS MAGAZINE • #60 with Daniele Sassou Nguesso x Harry Roselmack

In fact, debuting the 60th issue with Social and Serial Entrepreneur, Danièle Sassou Nguesso, and also have Media Maven turned Beauty Entrepreneur, Harry Roselmack grace both our (English and French) issues’ covers is the « Dream » realized. Plus, the editorial team has introduced new features such as African DOers, Tropics Voices and a Plus Size section as requested by our valued readers earlier this month. The expanded editorial coverage enables the English and French readers from across the world to deep dive into our unique world and learn more about global fashion, business and lifestyle coverage that responds specifically to their needs.
The one thing we are sure of is the purpose of the magazine. TROPICS Magazine will always be foremost about free expression, about the written word, about reading and experiencing the best of the good life. For our readers, we will do no less.
Read TROPICS MAGAZINE (English issue) online, click here : http://bit.ly/2bHYRqK 
Read TROPICS MAGAZINE (French issue) online, click here : http://bit.ly/2bIkA7S
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