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‘Desmond Tutu responding well to treatment’

Tutu death hoax 'very disturbing'

'Desmond Tutu responding well to treatment'

Cape Town – A hoax claiming that a very much alive Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu had died in hospital was distressing, his daughter Mpho said on Tuesday.

Reacting to a recent fake news story that caused a Twitter storm, she said her 84-year-old dad wasn’t on his iPad at the time so she did not think it affected him adversely.

She felt these fake stories were « very disturbing and incredibly unkind to not only the family but to people around the world who really do love and care and support the Arch ».

Family members received panicked calls from friends to ask where he was and if he was okay.

Tutu was re-admitted to hospital on Saturday only a few days after being discharged following surgery more than a week ago.

The surgery was to address the cause of recurring infections resulting from past treatment received for prostate cancer.


'Desmond Tutu responding well to treatment'

‘Desmond Tutu responding well to treatment’


Excellent home nursing

« Yes, he is healing very well and the doctors are very pleased with his progress, » said Mpho.

His visitors included Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who said he was encouraged to see a jovial Tutu.

Mpho said he was in very good spirits and « much more like himself than he has been ».

Thanks to excellent home nursing from wife Leah, they spotted the infection early and he was able to begin antibiotic therapy immediately.

« The doctors have identified the exact microbe and so he is on the right antibiotic and responding to the treatment well. We anticipate that he will be home again soon. »

Mpho said it was distressing for the family to see the fake announcements on social media.



« It’s not the way that that news would be conveyed. »

The Tutu family said it was very grateful for all the prayers, care and support it had received.

A website, www.t1imeslive.co.za, published the news of Tutu’s « death » on Monday and claimed his wife Leah had confirmed it in a statement.

Under the disclaimer button, the site said all news articles were works of fiction and a source of parody, satire and humour.

« Should a reader, or readers, upon sober reflection, think or believe that anything contained in any post in this website is true, they are mistaken and should relieve and abandon themselves of that idiotic notion immediately, » it said.

The South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef) on Tuesday condemned the story and urged all citizens not to share fake news.


Written by Jenna Etheridge • Courtesy of News 24




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