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#TropicsVoices • Peter Vaz Nunes, Influential Painting Master

From Amsterdam to the world

#TropicsVoices : Peter Vaz Nunes, Influential Painting Master

Peter became intrigued by the 17th Century Dutch Masters at the age of 8 when he visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the first time and was struck by a painting by Gerard Dou (pupil of Rembrandt): “The reading old woman”.

From that moment he wondered how they made these beautiful paintings. He started drawing but it was not until he had reached his early forties that he took private lessons in oil painting to master the technique of  ‘traditional painting’ himself.

After two years of hard work at his teacher’s studio, he went his own way and has been working as an independent artist ever since.

Peter works in his own studio in the Jordaan area (canal area) in the center of Amsterdam and his work is to be found in private collections, city halls and private homes. He regularly exhibits his work. Furthermore, he makes commissioned portraits as well.

His main interest lies in painting portraits. What is hidden behind the person we see (‘persona’  means “mask” in ancient Greek)? And how can you show that on a canvas in paint? Another issue in his work is the point that each and every human being, regardless of his/her (cultural) background should be treated the same.




Peter Vaz Nunes, the Painting Master


His big 2013 project, which was successfully exhibited in the Netherlands:

“Background? What background?”, consisting of 12 large oil portraits (100x140cm) has exactly that as its theme. The background of the portraits is left “white”, non-existing, and the main focus is (and should be) on the people portrayed. All 12 people are from different (cultural) backgrounds, men, women, old, young.

“What I want to convey is that we should focus on each individual and by doing so and by spending time and energy on that, we will be able to truly connect with each other and the background will be ‘filled in’ automatically. Let us stop being biased and judge people by their background!”





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Official website: www.vazportretten.nl





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