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TROPICS Magazine wins big at « Creativity Awards » – London


TROPICS Magazine wins big at "Creativity Awards" - London

LONDON, November 20, 2016 / TROPICS MEDIA GROUP / – Team TROPICS is celebrating today after winning three (3) top awards at the Creativity Awards (#CAawards2016) ceremony that took place last night at the Hilton Hotel London Tower Bridge, United Kingdom.

TROPICS Magazine won the 2016 « Best Online Magazine » Award, our Editor-in-Chief & Publisher Venicia Guinot received the 2016 « Best Magazine Editor » Award and finally our Fashion Photographer Des Richards was honored with the 2016 « Best Photographer » Award.

Each year, the “CA Awards” set to celebrate over 100 Finalists, 6 Icon recipients and 3 Legend recognition recipients, this year, all classified under more than 52 categories. For the second consecutive year, the “CA Awards” by C. Hub Magazine have now become the biggest and the most prestigious award hosted in the city of London which recognizes creativity and excellence within the Afro-Caribbean community.


TROPICS Magazine wins big at « Creativity Awards » – London

TROPICS Magazine wins big at « Creativity Awards » – London


The 2016 edition of the annual event was held at a lavish dinner on the 19th November, 2016 at Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge London and was hosted by renowned Hollywood actor, Dr. Winston Ellis and Ms. Patricia Stephanie.

« CA Award 2016 was a spectacular display of talent, leadership and  enterprise mixed with such glamour as high profile individuals, media and highly respected names in the industry gathered as we recognise and celebrate the ‘BEST’ of the best in the industry . Individuals from far and wide, USA, GERMANY, IRELAND , NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA, GHANA and more, came to witness what has been described as most grand event  of the year, » said Faustina Anyanwu (co-Founder/Event Producer)



#CAawards2016 - Best Online Magazine Recipient

#CAawards2016 – Best Online Magazine Recipient


TROPICS MAGAZINE, Best Online Magazine Award – Winner at « CA Awards » 2016

TROPICS is the first interactive bilingual magazine published in French and English. With a global audience of 700,000+ readers, the TROPICS brand has turned out to be the ultimate destination for the multiracial community. Entered the interactive scene since March 10th, 2010, the primary mission of TROPICS Magazine – www.tropics-magazine.com – is to give visibility to the emerging talents because development strives through globalization. With that said, we are not limited in our writings because we strongly believe that the world needs all cultures today to advance the social machine and meet the needs of people at all levels. TROPICS Magazine is a monthly published issue and meets the needs of a diverse audience around the world, joining us from Africa, Europe, America, Asia and now Australia. TROPICS Magazine is both a digital and print publication, and our multicultural audience accesses our issues just by clicking the monthly links we release to enjoy the full issue from our various social networking pages, or on our official web pages. TROPICS is one of the fastest growing news sites from Africa and an essential destination for business decision makers and innovators who check in throughout the day for reliable reporting on the events, places, issues and people who « Pave the Way Forward » for the next generations.



#CAawards2016 - Best Online Magazine Recipient

#CAawards2016 – Best Online Magazine Recipient


DES RICHARDS, Best Photographer Award – Winner at « CA Awards » 2016

In his own words, Award-Winning Fashion Photographer Des Richards thinks that his passion for photography started at an early age. Probably when he was around 7 or 8 and living in Nottingham the city where he was born.
“My father who was an amateur photographer would ask my mother and I to model in front of the camera. This was perfect because my mother was a dressmaker and she always had some new design she wanted to show off.  I quickly merged the two together and thus my love of fashion photography was born. Years later I attended a  photography college and I also worked in front of the camera as the manager. My style of photography is to create art and to tell a story in every picture.”
For the past five years, Des Richards has been serving as TROPICS Magazine’s London-based Fashion Photographer. He is involved in shooting Model and Designers portfolios, Look-books, Events coverage and Weddings. Des Richards is also  a regular on London runway scenes and he is a regular attendant at `London Fashion Week.

Fashion Photographer is also  the 2016 recipient of the « Best Fashion Photographer » at BEFFTA Awards.



#CAawards2016 - Best Magazine Editor Recipient

#CAawards2016 – Best Magazine Editor Recipient

VENICIA STELLE GUINOT, Best Magazine Editor – Winner at « CA Awards » 2016

Venicia Guinot started TROPICS Magazine from nothing whilst working as an International correspondent for various print and online magazines. Since then she has built this magazine into the first international, interactive bilingual magazine published in French and English. The magazine is free – and through this, she is dedicated to providing a spotlight to emerging creative talents from Africa, to give them the break they deserve. The internationally diverse audience of this free magazine broadens everyday, and thus, so does the influence of the rising artists of tomorrow. Venicia believes that development strives through globalization – which she aims to achieve by integrating the focus on African creative talent to other continents around the globe. Venicia realised her dream at 23, to keep her late father’s dream alive – which is what inspired her to start Tropics Magazine, which is an internationally recognised and an award winning magazine registered in South Africa. Tropics Magazine was started in March 2010 by Venicia, and since then has collaborated with professionals from Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, and America.

Many African artists have been given the break they need with the magazine. The decision to move from a digital model to a ‘print-on-demand’ model allows the magazine to reach a more global audience. Being editor in chief and publisher, Venicia is the recipient of the 2016 DIVAS OF COLOUR « Editor of the Year » Award in London and she has been recognised as ‘Africa Diligence‘ Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Pan-African Influential Young Leaders’ with a mission to challenge Pan-African leaders to better governance and economic sustainability. She has also been shortlisted by UNOCA among 7 influential women in media who launched a female-focused platform with UN (United Nations).


View the full list of finalists and winners online : CA Awards 2016 



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